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Eagle View Flooding

Project:  Eagle View Flooding Client:  Calwell, Luce, diTrapano, PLLC Location: Charleston, West Virginia Services:  Construction Stormwater; Flooding; Litigation Support The Eagle View Apartment Complex (Eagle View) was built on top of one of the many steep hills surrounding Charleston, West Virginia.  Eagle View’s development required clearing of nearly 60 acres of naturally forested land and […]

Oak Hill Stormwater Environmental Impact

Project:  Oak Hill Stormwater Environmental Impact Client:  Oak Hill Cemetery Location: Nyack, New York Services:  Stormwater; Environmental Advocacy In 2014, Oak Hill Cemetery (Oak Hill) began experiencing flooding caused by stormwater discharges from an improperly designed stormwater detention basin (basin) installed at a neighboring apartment complex.  Overflows from the basin traveled overland onto Oak Hill’s […]

Westchester County SSO

Project:  Westchester County SSOs Client:  Connecticut Fund for the Environment and Save the Sound Location: Westchester County, New York Services:  Wastewater Treatment/Sewer Systems; Litigation Support Inflow and infiltration (I&I) from deteriorating pipes and manholes were causing excessive sewage flows in the sewer systems of a dozen municipalities (municipalities) in southeastern Westchester County (County) that discharged […]

SOS Industrial Stormwater Discharge Permit

Project:  SOS Industrial Stormwater Discharge Permit Client:  SOS Xtreme Comfort Location: Tuxedo Park, New York Services:  Permitting; Industrial Stormwater SOS Xtreme Comfort (SOS) operates a petroleum bulk storage facility in Tuxedo Park, New York.  Stormwater in the facility’s fuel storage and loading areas is collected and treated by an oil-water separator prior to discharge to […]

SI Yacht Sales Industrial Stormwater

Project:  SI Yacht Sales Industrial Stormwater Client:  Staten Island Yacht Sales, Inc. Location: Staten Island, New York Services:  Industrial Stormwater; Permitting Staten Island Yacht Sales, Inc. (SI Yacht Sales) operates a marina in Great Kills Harbor in Staten Island, New York.  In 2015, as a result of a surprise inspection by New York State Department […]

Sarasota WRF/SSO

Project:  Sarasota WRF/SSO Client:  Suncoast Waterkeeper; Our Children’s Earth Foundation; Ecological Rights Foundation Location: Sarasota County, Florida Services:  Wastewater Treatment/Sewer Systems; Litigation Support; Environmental Advocacy Sarasota County, Florida (County) operates three Water Reclamation Facilities (WRF) and their associated sanitary sewer collection systems.  Beginning in 2013, the 145 million-gallon (MG) reclaimed water storage pond at the […]

Plastics Production Effluent Limitation Guidelines

Project:  Plastics Production Effluent Limitation Guidelines Client:  Center for Biological Diversity Location: United States Services:  Wastewater/Sewer Systems; Environmental Advocacy In light of recent expansions across the United States in petroleum production due to fracking and the resulting increased production of refined petroleum products, including plastics, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) planned to submit a […]

Gulfport SSO

Project:  Gulfport SSO Client:  Suncoast Waterkeeper; Our Children’s Earth Foundation; Ecological Rights Foundation Location: Gulfport, Florida Services:  Wastewater Treatment/Sewer Systems; Litigation Support Between 2012 and 2016 the City of Gulfport (Gulfport), a beachside community, experienced sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) that spilled over 2 million gallons of raw sewage from its sanitary sewer system.  Much of […]

Forest Avenue Construction Stormwater

Project:  Forest Avenue Construction Stormwater Client:  Stuart Waldman Location: Staten Island, New York Services:  Construction Stormwater; Permitting CEA Engineers designed the stormwater treatment system and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for a proposed retail development on an 8-acre property along Forest Avenue in Staten Island, New York (Site).  The design was complicated by the presence […]

Belleayre Stormwater EIS Review

Project:  Belleayre Stormwater EIS Review Client:  Hudson Riverkeeper Location: Fleischmanns, Catskill Mountains, New York Services:  Environmental Advocacy; Environmental Impact State Reviews; Construction Stormwater Two massive development projects were planned on the heights of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.  The first was a nearly 1,000-acre development consisting of a resort, two hotels, associated roadways […]