Eagle View Flooding

Project:  Eagle View Flooding

Client:  Calwell, Luce, diTrapano, PLLC

Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Services:  Construction Stormwater; Flooding; Litigation Support

The Eagle View Apartment Complex (Eagle View) was built on top of one of the many steep hills surrounding Charleston, West Virginia.  Eagle View’s development required clearing of nearly 60 acres of naturally forested land and construction of numerous buildings, roads, parking lots, recreational areas, and landscaped areas.  After construction was completed, residents living along three hollows adjacent to the hill Eagle View was constructed on experienced several floods that resulted in damage to their property.

Calwell Luce diTrapano (CLD) retained CEA Engineers and Kevin Draganchuk, P.E. to analyze the impacts of stormwater runoff from Eagle View and its potential contribution to flooding of downstream properties.  In addition to analyzing site plans, erosion and sediment control plans, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) inspection reports and notices of violation, Mr. Draganchuk performed a site visit to inspect Eagle View and its stormwater management and conveyance system, the topography of the area, and the hollows upstream of and adjacent to the flooded properties.

Based on the results of his analysis, Mr. Draganchuk prepared a technical report for settlement negotiations detailing the impact that Eagle View had on increasing overbank flood levels in the hollows and the inadequacy of Eagle Views stormwater management and conveyance system.  Mr. Draganchuk proposed a remedy for Eagle View to properly manage stormwater, reduce peak discharges, and alleviate flooding.  Later as part of settlement negotiations, Mr. Draganchuk estimated the cost of proposed drainage improvements along one of the hollows consisting of dredging and installation of a larger diameter culvert system able to safely convey the hollow.

CLD successfully negotiated a settlement with Eagle View for its clients that compensated them for damages to their properties resulting from the floods.